Game Jam Game Breaker's Toolkit jam 3 - Make the worst possible game!

Jam link:

Game Breaker's Toolit is back for its third edition!
This jam is a parody of the GMTK jam, with a twist: The goal is to make the worst possible game.
Here are the judging criterias:
  • Frustration (does your game force you to wait or redo a lot of content?)
  • Unfairness (how little does the player's skill impact gameplay?)
  • Confusion (how badly do you teach your mechanics?)
  • Uncanny valley (how ugly does your game look?)
  • Ear destruction (how bad is the audio?)
  • Bugs (or features in this case)
  • Microtransactions (or any BS triple AAA game practice. Please don't use actual money for this though)
You can join solo or in teams, the jam duration is 10 days but most people will just spend a week-end making something. Theme will be revealed tomorrow!

For further inspiration, here are videos of the previous entries: