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William E.

Hi everyone,

"Game Audio Lookout" is a series on how music and sound design in games work. I started out as a YouTube channel, but switched to a Medium blog now. Feel free to have a look at my current collection of articles:

Furthermore I started a new blog series calls "Audio Essentials" where I talk about audio-related basic things. The first article is about how the compositional process works and can be found here:

Any feedback and suggestions on wishes for future articles is appreciated!



Cool stuff! I really liked your article about Undertale.
But ”the five stages of musical composition” felt bit shallow for me. I expected you to go little bit deeper on each stage of the ”production pyramid”. I thought you would underline how good arrangement can’t fix bad composition but will really give life to your track. Also, good arrangment makes it easier to mix when instruments are not ”fighting” for the same frequencies and so on.

Also, mixing can be a lot more than just adjusting volumes of the different elements. In mixing you affect of the dynamics and ”color” of the tracks (EQ, compression, gates/expanders). And mixing is the phase where you create the ”space” where the music plays by adding reverbs and delays. And mastering can’t fix a bad mix.

I know the point is not to teach people to compose, arrange or mix, but i think these would have been good things to mention :)

I will definitely start to follow your blogs!
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William E.

Thanks for your feedback, Skible! The Five Stages of Composition article is definitely pretty basic. I might dive deeper into the individual stages in a follow up article!