Question - General Game Audio Assets



Hey Guys, (i hope this is the right place to be posting this)

I am a Sound Designer / Producer and thought i would make an Audio Assets Pack for you, i was curious as to what kind of sounds you would want for your games? i.e Music, (Loops and layers or whole tracks).
SFX, (folder with things like, jump 1,2,3 run,1,2,3 shoot and so on) or just a big folder full of goodies for you to pick through?

i notice a lot of games in 2d go for the 8bit retro sound? is this through choice? or through lack of assets? would this be what you want?

File Format? mono? stereo? 8bit, 16bit ?

Please let me know, Any suggestions i will consider putting them into the pack.

Thanks, Alan.


Firehammer Games
I think your best bet is to make packs of related sound effects of different styles, though 8-bit could be it's own style and considering the ease of creation of those sounds it should probably be its own pack. I'd make a bunch of weapon/melee/battle sounds, "magic" sounds, animal sounds, modern machinery, sci-fi machinery, etc... you get the idea. If the packs have a large selection and are good quality I bet they sell if the price is right.

For music, I think it would be similar to your sound effects, but for game styles. I'd suggest a whole group of synth/techno that can be used for action, shooter, FPS, then something with lots of epic adventure for that type, maybe a casual music pack, a pack for platformers, one for RPGs, you get the idea. I'd say if possible you should have looping versions of all your music too.


Thank you for the fast Feedback kburkhart, i see what you mean.. yes i agree that the 8bit stuff seems almost to easy to make, as any old "caplingsh" sound could be labelled as "jump" "run" and so on, with in reason. i do like the idea of a weapon pack, a movement pack and such. Thanks for your input.