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Galbia Tales is a spin off of "La Leggenda Dell'Ultimo Drago" game. It is a frenetic runner game full of action and exploration developed by Zef1r0 & alv90. The game will be available for iOS & Android.

Follow the brave swordsman of Galbia kingdom to the search of the missing daughter in 15 different game levels, you'll know a world full of mysteries and magic.
Fight hordes of monsters, demons and find the right way to defeat seemingly invincible creatures.
Collect coins and gems to get powerful equipment.
Don't forget, the time will be your biggest enemy.
Try the first level for free!!

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Here is a video that shows the gameplay:

** Full Game Coming in 2020 **
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Hi! Thanks for sharing. It looks like you have a solid base going there. Movements are smooth. You have some nice effects in there too. I like the enemies. The main character and the boss are cool too. But there's something off about the aesthetics. Some of the assets don't mix well together. It looks like 3 different sets to me:

1) Potions and Coins - black outlines
2) Player and Boss - higher resolution (am I right?)
3) All other assets (enemies, trees, house, background, etc...)

I also find those platforms to be a bit jarring. The title screen art is my favourite part. I think that would mix well with either the play and boss, or the enemies. Not sure, I'd have to see it done. Maybe some of those are placeholders. I just want to be honest with how I feel about the look. I played it, by the way. Not bad! Keep it up.