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Android Fuzzy Bear


Pirates vs Clones
Hi all,

Here's a small project I was working on for android!

An arcade where you have to bounce the ball off of Fuzzy Bears high up to the sky and score points!

Planned updates:
  • Music is well on it's way!
  • Google Leaderboards
  • Better bounce off/physics
I decided not to put ads. For <20 downloads(fingers crossed) which would be what, like 20 cents? Yeah, I wouldn't want to bother those poor people who where so generous to download my game (well I'm humble for now...wait whut)!

Project story
This was a great project so far for me. Lots to learn from. It started off with an impulsive decision to work on this sudden idea that came to me out of nowhere. Dangerous combination. As some would expect I tried to skedaddle out of the project, like so many of my other ones! But a friend confinced me not to, so I made the best of it. I also decided to just leave my favorite projects aside for a while and work on my portfolio of small and simple projects (where at least some of my skills show AND develop). Well, one down, many more to go! On to my next project! And this one though, I really like!

Download app!
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