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Windows Fungus wars: a 2-players action:strategy game

So this is a game that I created back when the yoyogames sandbox was still a thing and when I was maybe 12 years old.
Do to popular request,I just spent the entire morning converting it to GM:studio and good lord did I code like a monkey back then. So much Drag&Drop everywhere! I hope you will enjoy this piece of my childhood.
What is this?

This is fungus wars, a shared-keyboard game for 2 players in which you must both figure out how to play until one of you wins. This game offers many crafting possibilities, characer stats improvements, and rudimentary AI. You will need 2 players for this, as there is no single-player mode available.

How to play?

The controls are as follow:
Player 1:
  • left/right: move left/right
  • up: jump
  • down: pick up things
  • right control: attack/throw things
Player 2:
  • A/D: move left:right
  • W: jump
  • S: pick up things
  • Space bar: attack/throw things
Each of you has a hive mushroom, throw random stuff in it to see what it produces. Each combination of two items will produce something cool. You can also throw food inside your hive to produce more soldiers. If your hive already has an item in it when you throw food, your solider will probably be spawned witha weapon.
There are critters running around on the map, kill them to get food.

How to win?

Be a racist and kill everything that's not of your color (either blue or red)

Where to get the game?

Follow this link:
You will need windows in order to play (or anything that lets you read executables)


Very interesting. Looks like it was deeper than I have time to go into right now, but it was definitely more than I expected. Not bad for a 12 year old ;)