Team Request Fun side game along your own game?



Hi there! I'm making a game, really giving it my all. Now I'm at a point where I feel a slowdown is needed and how nice it would be to have a side project and meet new people. The project would be something that we could hop into and add upon without expectations or awkward ownership or trust issues. It should be something we could choose to ignore completely, because we already have another thing going.

Before diving into project ideas, a little about me. I've been coding on and off for over 20 years and want to claim I have a good grip on GML. Wish I could show you my past GM8.1 projects, but I kept giving up and killing them off. Fate has it ideas never die, and they are back to haunt and drive me to make Jafman. I guess this video is the closest thing I have to a portfolio.

I'd like to meet people similarly capable (or at least confident) in perhaps Google Hangouts, throw the stuff against the wall and see what sticks. Team size starts at 2, and the first to join and I will choose team size, goals, public/private, whatever feels should have some structure. I repeat(1) { !expectations } . That should be enough to get started and see what happens.

So, if anyone is looking to break out of introversion like I am and have fun when we're not feelin' our own projects, let me know. Thanks a lot for reading!


PS: This isn't so much a thread to start a team and lock the thread up, but more as a platform just about anyone could get a team started with. Feel free to! Might not be a team with me in it, and that's fine.