Fullscreen vs. dialogs



I have a game in GameMaker Studio 1.4.
When setting my game to fullscreen, I get problems with dialogs:
  • "get_save_filename" opens in the background, and when I close it, the game doesn't react anymore.
  • Asking the user a yes/no question exits fullscreen mode and does not enter it again afterwards.
  • "window_set_fullscreen" doesn't seem to do anything either...
Can anyone help?


I usually find it best to program my own interfaces and dialogs, rather than relying on built-in Windows dialogues. They usually cause problems, and they also hamper porting to other platforms at a later date.

Window_set_Fullscreen should change between windowed and fullscreen depending on whether it is set to false or true (false being windowed).

For a yes/no question, it would probably be best to create "yes" and "no" buttons to click, depending on what the context of the situation is, rather than have a Windows dialogue pop up and ask, as that's rather unprofessional.


See, this is not a professional game in any sense of the word. It's an old university project, and it uses foreign intellectual property so I can't publish it anyways. I'd just like to port it from GameMaker to GameMaker Studio.
I'm perfectly fine with ugly windows dialogs, but of course I can make the yes/no dialogs myself. What I'm not sure how to do is the save file selection...

And is this really the answer? These two features of GMS just don't work together?

"window_set_fullscreen" doesn't work for me. I wanted to exit fullscreen to display the get_save_filename dialog and then enter fullscreen again, but the game just stayed in fullscreen. Is this a bug? (Using GMS 1.4 on Win7.)

So if anyone can give me hints for the "workaround" solution of making the dialogs myself, I'd be grateful. Currently I choose the filename when you start a new game, and from then on the "save game" button simply overwrites this file...