Fullscreen oddities


I've ran into some odd behavior in fullscreen, and I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered this.

I have a display controller that can cycle between window sizes that are multipliers of base size, plus a fullscreen mode. Sometimes when I cycle through window sizes to fullscreen, then alt-tab out of the game and return to it, the display goes all weird. I am seeing my desktop, and the game in the center of screen at the previous window size and position. As my display is 1920x1080 the game would be 1280x720, centered. However the metrics I displayed for troubleshooting still claim that I am in fullscreen (window_get_fullscreen pings true) and the application surface size (read via surface size gets) equals display size. From the mangled pixels I can tell the system is squeezing the 1920x1080 down to 1280x720 to fit into what it thinks to be the "proper" size.

Further, I can see from interactive elements on screen that mouse and instances are behaving as if they still were in fullscreen coordinate system. Just the upper left corner of the mouse & instance positions has been offset from display upper left corner to where the system is assuming window's corner to be. To give a visual:


The red spot is where mouse approximately is, and it is highlighting the "start" button as it is seen as hovering over it. The "window" corner is the 0x0 coordinate position. The squeezed text in the corner reads fullscreen, 1920x1080, as described above.

I have difficult time replicating this. Most of the time everything works as it should, and sometimes, under conditions I am unable to repeat... it doesn't.
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