Fullscreen: Adjust the scale of the text

Hi there,
First of all, I apologize if this question has been resolved alredy, but I have searched for ages and haven't found the "solution" (maybe "idea" would fit better), as well as if I haven't posted this question in the right place.I am developing a project and I have managed to toggle between the original screen and the fullscreen (via "
if window.get.fullscreen() {
// Turn off
} else {
// Turn on
. The problem is that when fullscreen, the scale of the text (draw GUI event) remains the same size, so my signs, stats and pause menu look smaller than expected (referred to the original size).

I am searching/trying to do something that allows me to adjust the text "size" (or scale) to "???" when fullscreen and to set it back to the original when normal screen, so it would always look the same (proportion). Thanks in advance!
Why are you using dots instead of underscores in function names? The functions are window_get_fullscreen() and window_set_fullscreen() actually. Your syntax is rather odd.

Either way, display_set_gui_size() is what require.
Oh yeah! I think something went wrong when copying the code!! The "display_set_gui_size()" allows me to change the gui size (of course!) but how do Iget the width and height? Like it automatically adjusts the size to the scale of the screen :s

PS: Thank you anyway :)