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GMS 2 Full Featured Advanced Platformer Series


Advanced Game Design Series

GM Version: Studio 2
Target Platform: Windows
Download: NA

Hey guys,

I just released the first 11 videos of a new tutorial series on GM Studio 2! This is a full Game Development tutorial. We will be developing an entire game using feedback from the viewers! I will be taking input from the youtube comments and with that feedback show you how to create Graphics, Sound, Code, and a Story.

Its a full game development process series focused on creating a game start to finish with a heavy focus on design pattern and organization! I just started these videos so bare with me while I work out the kinks! I really hope to improve the GM community!


Part 2 -- Project Setup

Part 3 -- Horizontal Movement

Part 4 -- Adding Gravity

Part 5 -- Vertical State Machine (Completing Movement)

Now up to video 11!
Cannot paste anymore on here! :D
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