Free Fruit Killah



Made by: Paul Quinn (Heat4Life)

Fruit Killah is a simple Point-and-click Video Game where Different kinds of Fruit bounce everywhere and you need to click those Bouncing Fruits with your Mouse to earn points and Bombs will randomly spawn everywhere - that means when you click them them you will lose so you have to be careful around them!

This is my First Video Game ever made with GameMaker: Studio! I know It's too simple but I learned a lot while I was making this Project! Thanks! :D


Download Link:


predictably random
Forum Staff
Congrats on publishing your first game. :)

Like you said, it's very simple. But everything seems to work as designed, and I didn't see any bugs. So that's a good start. Better to release a simple first game that works, rather than a complex game full of errors.

The graphics are pretty basic too, but they look fine. I'm guessing these are free clipart graphics, but that's OK. The style is fairly uniform. And I didn't see any artifacts in the transparency. Same for the music. Simple but effective.

The only thing really lacking is more interesting gameplay. The challenge of just clicking for points gets boring after a few minutes (OK... it gets boring after a few seconds). So that's an area that needs work. Just some random thoughts:

-- add a level timer, so players must get a certain number of points in a certain time to complete each level.
-- have the bombs (loosely) follow the mouse around, so players must time their clicks carefully to avoid clicking a bomb
-- make some of the fruits follow random (but smooth) paths, instead of wall bouncing.

Lots of possibilities here. But it's a good start.