Legacy GM Frogger Clone Tutorial for Beginners

Let's Clone

GM Version: 1.4
Target Platform: Windows/Mac OSX
Download: N/A
Links: (Assets) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mij6gexds6pibd2/AAArtt12gM9Jq7bDxy8rZkjEa?dl=0

Welcome to Let's Clone! This YouTube channel is composed of tutorials on how to clone classic titles such as Space Invader, Bomberman, and most recently - Frogger!
With many more to come!


I hope you enjoy! And if you have any question about the code or suggestions for future clone tutorials, feel free to comment here or send me a PM.
Much love!

** Note: For the first few minutes of the tutorial I had forgotten to include line termination, as it is not a part of my regular practice. However, I did go back (in tutorial) and include the semicolons as well as continued to use them throughout the project.