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Mac OSX French "azerty" shortcut problem



I have a problem which is driving me crazy.
I am currently using my mac with a french (azerty) keyboard, but when using gm2 my shortcuts are in qwerty mode...

exemple: when i try to cmd + Z it does cmd + W and closes my file currently open. I lost some lines of code because of this and a havent found a single solution to this problem.
Meanwhile when writing my kaybord is using azerty, the problem is only when using shortcuts.

It only occurs when using GM2 so i believe the problem is caused by the program.
Does anyone have a solution pls ?

Thank you


You can binding own keyboard shortcuts. Here is tutorial for game maker studio.
Looks like this is what i need, unfortunately the option isnt there in Game maker studio 2.

I'll check if there is the same option available anywhere

Thanks :)