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Portfolio - General Freelance Marketing Administration Services Available

Someone who isn't yet another composer looking for work? You must be joking.

Nope. I am a composer, actually, but this time I'm actually looking for new freelance work in doing marketing work for games or game-related things. Some changes to my upcoming schedule have resulted in some time freed up and I've decided to put that time towards offering freelance marketing service for indie game developers who would be looking for some. I charge $20.00 an hour for freelance service, though that can be flexible within reason if the circumstances can justify it. I'm not a slick, charismatic marketing person who will promise you the moon like others do, but I do have quite a bit of experience in things many indie game devs typically have to do themselves, such as:

* Cold contacting appropriate gaming websites.
* Writing press releases.
* Writing or rewriting appropriate copy material.
* Search Engine Optimization.
* Website-related work.
* Writing newsletters.
* Some newsletter design.
* Some social media management.
* Marketing research.
* Making use of appropriate connections.

And other things that can be useful for getting the game "out there" and exposure. If it's something I can do and it's worth $20.00 an hour to you, I'm interested to do it.

If this is useful to anyone, send me a PM here and I'll get back to you as availability allows. References and a more detailed account of my experience available upon conversation.

Thank you!
I'd been asked by an admin to provide the aforementioned qualifications and such as part of my post. The only way I'll be able to do this in a manner I'm comfortable with is to provide a basic summary to start with.

In marketing:
* Working as a freelance, contracted remote marketing admin since 2003. Currently working for two marketing firms locally.

* Services performed in that 16 year time frame include the above serivces and more than I can remember. Like I said, if I can do it and it's worth my price to you, I will do it.

* Services performed for a variety of clients ranging all across industries - I mostly do accommodations like vacation cabin rentals, hotels, condos and independent vacation rentals, restaurants, attractions, National Park and local special events, but I've also worked for charities, churches, artists, real estate agents and others.

* Apart from working for others, I've also done my own marketing work for creative pursuits of my own - publishing books and game soundtracks - for each I've needed to do PR research and actions for indie game-related marketing work. This has made for me some connections to Indie Gaming news places.

Like all marketing efforts, some of it succeeded, some of it failed. I don't promise success, I promise work and the potential of that work.

* I am a published author who did his own book editing and much of the marketing. One book did not do well, another one did and continues to do well by realistic standards.

* I am a published music artist who, again, has done his own marketing work particularly with Indie Gaming places under the name "12 Followers/Meteo Xavier". Googling this, you will see some places I've been featured in and music videos that range from single-digit views to tens of thousands.

* I sadly do NOT possess a college degree, I was one of thousands and thousands of millennials in America whose education pursuits got swallowed up starting in the recession of the last decade and continuing on through 2019 and I chose to quit college before I got in over my head with debt, but I do possess college training (dating around 2007-2011) in many of the services I listed above. Additionally, my college credit is somehow in my brother's name due to an unusual mix-up with a social security number and, as far as I know, that may still be the issue today.

That's as much as I feel like disclosing there. Thank you!