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Angel Mendez

Hello GMC!

I'm 25 years old. My main job is my second love which is freelancing as a web developer / graphic designer(Don't worry, since I'm a freelancer I make time for everything and I'm always available). However, my first and always love is video games! I've used game maker in my high school days and even made a short flappy bird game last year(college sophomore year) called "Flappy Bat" that had moths as coins to eat and falling spikes. I made all of the programming, graphics and animations. If you like I can give the game files to check out.

My strong suit is in graphic design, I'm a vector artist that specializes in creating static props and Icons with minimal animations. I'm currently looking for more projects to do and get more involved with the game maker community since this is the career path I'm most interested in perusing.

I understand how game maker works and know a thing or two about a thing or two sooo, if you need something else like programming I may be able to help you with that as well.

Right now I'm offering YOUR first project / commission for FREE!

This is like a FREE TRIAL for our partnership, if you like the work I do then we can definitely continue to work together on future projects.

I'm EASILY affordable and can completely negotiate on pricing if we continue to work together.

Don't be afraid to PM me or contact me through my info below, I'm a casual and stress free person to work with and I don't bite! :)

Email: mendez.angel6@gmail.com

skype: angel.mendez889

Here are my samples, enjoy!
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Those are nice professional-looking icons. Do you have characters or background pieces?

Angel Mendez

Those are nice professional-looking icons. Do you have characters or background pieces?
Hi JeTSpice, thanks I'm glad you like them. I do have some character samples and etc but not too much at the moment. These samples are from the flappy bat game I did a year ago, as you can see I can do much better now with graphics I just never did a project that involved more characters yet. I have confidence with my current skills and I'm sure if you were to give me a shot you won't be disappointed.