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Asset - Demo [FREE] Simple Pause Menu v2


SIMPLE PAUSE MENU v2- ( Marketplace or Itch )

Hello fellow Gamemaker Devs!
This asset was created to alleviate the stress of adding a functional PauseMenu when starting a new game project. It includes working
Settings, Sounds and Controller submenus that can be rearranged anyway you want.

This asset will be free forever so enjoy!
Sorry if there are a few bugs.. They shall be squashed !!

Included features:
- Settings, Music & Control sub-menus
- Save/Load using Ini Files
- Two Button sounds (mouseOver & LeftPressed)
- Adjustable global sounds
- Adjustable Controls
- Change Fonts (ZBG, jasontomlee, SomePx)

Features to be added:

-An example project that demonstrates all the Settings in ACTION (toggling screenshake, particle systems, surfaces, music volume, fx volume, etc... )
-Controller compatibility& support
-Adjust Aspect Ratio, PortSize, VSync and other visual stuff

**I will work hard to update & release new assets often. So please feel free to send me any suggestions, feedback & questions, Thanks !! :") **

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