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Run, Collect Coins, Repeat.... In this endless runner your objective is collect as many coins as you can, and run as far as you can without dying. How far will you go?

•Run, and collect coins through a endless platform.
•Avoid or smash monsters along your path.
•Obtain and try to beat your highest score by running as far as you can and collecting the most coins.
•Compete with friends to see who can get the highest score and collect the most coins.
•Strive to complete all the achievements in the game.
•Retro-like graphics with smooth performance in up to 60 FPS.

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I really like it. The graphics are cute and gameplay is fun. However the jump feels a little delayed. I got used to it by 10minutes into the game tho, so nothing game breaking.
Achievments are cool. I would recommend to maybe let players revive once per game by using some coins collected? And then with next death ask them to watch ad? Not like I dont want to give you money by watching an ad, but this way people would feel a little less pressured into watching ads.
Anyway its really cool game and I will not uninstall it from my phone =)