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Liam Jacobs

Hi all!

My name is Liam, and I like to make music of varying genres. That is how I tend to introduce myself, so that's about all I'll be saying about myself.

I am going to be releasing a few songs. Most likely on a daily basis.
I have decided to get my A-into-G and start releasing some of my music. Sadly, due to a recent HDD corruption, I lost a lot of my old, unreleased tracks.

So I'm now going to try my hand at making a new composition every day, for as long as I feel like keeping it up.

You're welcome to use said songs in your games, videos, livestreams, funerals, really-whatever-I-don't-care.
Anyone is welcome to use my music for anything.

I don't expect any kind of credit, but if you want some filler content for your credits, feel free to credit me as "Liam Jacobs" or "Liam the Composer." Credit.

I will most likely take requests. Maybe. Probably.
Feel free to slide into my DMs with your sexy (or otherwise regular) song requests, and I will let you know if I'm willing to sit down and actually make a song for you.

Themes and perhaps screenshots of the game (if applicable) would be nice. You're also welcome to post your requests in this very thread.

"A Whole Bunch of Pigeons Just Melted in the Ice Gardens" - 22/12/2019
Loopable - 120 BPM - Dark

A slow, depressing, cold track. Makes me think of snow, ice, perhaps even some place deep underground? Not hell. Not that deep. Like a cave. Yes.​

"Closing Time at the Penguin Casino" - 22/12/2019
Loopable - 160 BPM - Groovy

A jammin' bass groove! The kind of song that can make you lift your hands to nipple-height and play a fake drum set with your fingers. Makes me feel like I'm in a casino, or a really weird club on an alien planet.​
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Hello, Thanks for sharing your music, I enjoyed it a lot, would you please get in touch with me as I would need sound fx and music. Thanks.