Android [Free] Roadway Ram (8-bit Retro Ramming)




Lots of street racers are up to a race, but this cop doesn't take too kindly to them.
Roadway Ram is a game where you play as a cop who just enjoys to hit and potentially hurt other cars driving in his desert, using high speeds and turning on a dime ram as many as you can before you run out of gas or lose all durability.

screenshot 3.png

Roadway Ram was developed for a jam (January Retro Jam), and it's, to my surprise, really fun in my opinion, and would like to share it with you guys.


It's downloadable in the form of .zip and .exe for windows.

Starting June 16th, a new version has been released on the android store completely free of charge!
Android Download:

I'd love it if you could leave comments on either here or about what you liked or hated or even what I could improve on!

Have fun, and thanks for trying!
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Looks fun! I will try this out soon.

The UI totally doesn't fit to 8-bit.
Adding skid marks when cars are not faced upwards could make the main part of your game even more fun.
I didn't feel in control of the car when it bounces around off of the other cars. There's some "weight" missing there in my opinion.
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Thanks for your comment, melerski!
I do agree with the weight issue, that will be one of the first things for me to patch up a little.
I'll be sure to update this forum once I get to that point.


Well I finally got around to updating this game!
It adds a good bit of stuff and additions to balance out gameplay and allow more people enjoy their experience.

A full list of what's been added is at the game page here!