Android [Free] Puzzle: Hack of Mind



Link Google Play : Hack of Mind
The digital world is in danger. The system matrix is paralyzed by malicious code. Walk the dangerous path from the periphery to the core, save the system.

Feature of game:
Unique mechanics: to solve the puzzle, you need to use spatial thinking by controlling multiple objects at the same time!

Colorful, clever puzzle! Explore! Experiment! Study !
Charge your brain to the maximum!
Plan your every step - time is unlimited, movement is free.
Hack of Mind is a great way to stimulate your thinking.

I am happy to receive any feedback , even if everything is very bad! :)
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This looks fun and engaging like the Hitman go series. I'm not familiar with the classic game go, so i don't know if there is a similarity, and I'm too lazy to look atm.

I'm curious though, it looks like there is only one solution to the problem. In the Hitman Go game there is a rating awarded for how many moves the player makes, 0-3 stars. For instance, completing in the minimum number possible gives 3 stars, and there is a maximum number of moves which is needed for 1 star. Is this the direction you want to go or are you firmly in the one solution per level mindset?

Graphics look great though, bi can see this being well received on mobile or html


Thanks for the answer!

I haven 't played hitman go, but judging by the YouTube videos, they are only indirectly similar.

At the expense of " stars ". Yes, indeed the original idea was that the level has only one solution, perhaps this is not entirely true. At the moment, to get all the reward need to meet the "Step", but to open the next level, it is enough to reach the finish line.

I think I was so worried that I forgot to add a link to the game and the theme from" Release " was moved