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Portfolio - Programming [FREE] Intermediate-Level Programmer Looking to Collaborate


Hi, everyone. I'm an intermediate-level GML programmer hoping to get in on a group project.

I got my start with programming in the early days of GameMaker 7, though I hadn't taken it very seriously until a couple years ago when I jumped back in with GameMaker: Studio. I don't claim to be an expert, and there are still some things I can't do. I know my way around the basics, and I should be able to handle most standard tasks.

I want to try working in a group, as I've been working solo throughout the entirety of my GML career. I have several half-finished games, but nothing complete. I believe working with a group will provide the motivation I need to see a project through to completion.

There are, however, some prerequisites to my joining:

- If I'm not particularly interested in your project, I won't likely participate. My taste in games is quite broad, but there are still some games I'm just not going to be invested in.
- If the game is being sold or monetized, I'd expect a share of the profits... though I'll still work on a not-for-profit project if I'm interested in the game itself.
- Patience. I do have a job and a life, and I can't necessarily work on the project every day.
- This is a learning experience for me, too. I've never programmed with a group before. I'm competent, but don't expect flawless code. Whatever I create will probably still need to be optimized by someone more experienced, assuming the game's performance is important.
- I'm currently working with GM:S 1.4. If I really love your project and team, I'd consider getting GM:S 2. Otherwise, I prefer to stay within GM:S 1.4 for now.
- Maturity. I'm an adult, and I'd prefer to work mostly with other adults or other reasonably mature people.
- I'm not interested in 'hey can you make me a _____' requests. I want to work as part of a team in a creative sense, not just building things for people who can't code. Sorry.

There are also a few things that I don't have any experience in. While I'm open to try anything, don't expect me to be able to contribute anything of value in these areas:

3-D Functions

With that being said, I do have some talents that may be of use:

- Exceptional linguistic ability. I have an eye for typos and grammatical mistakes, and I know how to make dialogue flow. I took English and Creative Writing classes for two years in college.
- Strong understanding of game design in general, and what it takes to make a game enjoyable.
- Talent for storytelling.
- Basic/placeholder graphics and audio abilities. I can do a little bit with Photoshop, though I think I'm only any good at creating graphics for menus and title screens and such.
- Video editing. For what it's worth, I'm very experienced with video editing software such as Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas.

Here's a rundown of what I've accomplished in my major (unfinished) projects:

Top-down shooter
- Weapon switching, ammo count, different fire modes
- Basic enemy AI with line-of-sight tracking and wander mode when out of range
- Hitscans
- Explosions and knockback effects (without physics system)
- Destructible or indestructible walls that block explosions, bullets, line-of-sight
- Sprinting, dashing, melee, all using stamina system
- Automatic enemy leveling system, including enemies merging together to create super-enemies

Turn-based card strategy game
- Functional battle system with player and enemy decks, hands, and win conditions
- Agility stat-based combat system with simultaneous attack scenario for matching agility stats
- Elemental strengths and weaknesses, chance for critical hits and blocked attacks
- Lasting status effects like Poison and Armor
(I didn't draw those card graphics, just stole them from Google Images lol)

Survival strategy game (very incomplete)
- Randomly generated maps
- Functional day/night, weather system
- Random encounter, scavenging system
(I DID create all the graphics for this one by myself)

Top-down racing game
- Acceleration, deceleration, reverse, brakes
- Smooth camera tracking, turning/tilting, zoom in/out effect based on driving speed
- AI driver accurately following waypoints
video of the AI driver:

Top-down, open world, turn based RPG
- Advanced (incomplete) battle system with multiple combatants, agility stat-based turn system, target selection and multiple selection
- Flexible, easily expandable room-based open world system
- Random enemy encounters, with different chances for different enemies based on the current room

Contact me via PM or a message on this thread, and I'll be happy to answer any inquiries regarding this post!
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I am looking for a programmer for a current project. It's being developed on studio 2, I can give you a weekly salary, if you wanna know more, then pm me on the site or on discord if you have it:



Hi there love your work Im looking to start a game dev. team/Company and i would love for u to be a part of it.
I am a graphic artist by trade and i have a lot of game ideas but i don't have the adequate programing knowledge to undertake them.
if u would like to hear about my ideas let me know.


hey, this is my discord, Zendraw#6353
if i understand you correcly you want to develop but in a more chill atmosphere, i think we can work somthing out, im also a programmer for quite some time and id say im good, so well be able to talk about code and help you out. i have plenty of project ideas and projects in the works so the choise is big.


Thanks for the interest, everyone. At the moment, I don't have enough spare time to get into any serious programming, but I will retain your contact info if that happens to change anytime soon.
I have a really cool game that is almost done but needs a few more things. Even though you are wanting to do it for free i'd be happy to give a little if you can do the task.