Windows [Free] Hybrid and Seek


While procrastinating from doing uni work I decided to join a 3 day game jam, and this is the result (in addition to being three days behind uni work 😅)

Hybrid and Seek is an arcade find-me game where you have to create what you find. Aim for a high score before the timer runs out and unlock new creatures as you go.


You have 60 seconds to find as many specified creatures as possible. If you can't find them, you'll just have to create them! Use the display on the right to combine any two creatures on the field. Drag them into the chute to gain a bonus 8 seconds to your timer. Go for a high score, unlocking new creatures as your score grows!


Left-Click and Drag creature around the play area
M- Toggle music
Escape- Quit game
High scores are saved locally!

You can check it out at here <<<
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