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Can someone with a good artistic talent help me?I want to make my characters to be more ,how to say,HD or without pixels or a better designe or have better animations but for free (I am a 14 kid I don't have enough money to buy a artist ).If you want to help me,here are my characters and sprites:
I will say what I want to be changed fro each of them.
upload_2018-3-29_17-42-44.png -This is my character which I called him Slimy (That also the name of the game).I don't know how it appeard that orange point.I want to be more rounded at the upside edges.And maybe add a different color but keeping the orange.
sprite1_strip5.png -This is my moving character animation, if you can improve or add something new I will thank you!
sprite3_strip3.png- This is my jumping character animation,do similar as the above one
And finnaly for the Free Help #1 thread (I will make more but not now)
upload_2018-3-29_17-54-8.png-(I don't know why the background is orange,it shouldn't) This is the bullet with it shoot my character.The color need to be the same as the character.
At the end
Thank you for all that helped me (will help me).


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And finnaly for the Free Help #1 thread (I will make more but not now)
Please don't - at least not the way you made this one.

The Programming forum on the GMC, or the GMC in general, is not a good place to ask for people to make graphics for you. There are specialized communities on other websites which deal with the creation of pixel art, and those would be a better place to ask for help for due to having a target demographic that's more, if not fully, oriented around the issue at hand. If you are interested in discussing methods of making your art look more "HD or without pixels", you are more than welcome to do so, but topics that are essentially (and literally) "free help" tend to be less than welcome around here.

If you wish to work with someone on a static basis, having them make the graphics for your game instead of asking random people to do so and hope for the best, you may post a topic in the Collaborations forum.

Meanwhile, I'll move the topic to the Game Design, Development and Publishing forum, which would be more fitting for the subject I suggested. Please edit your topic accordingly or steer it in the direction I outlined above if you want it to move in that direction. Otherwise, please let me know how you wish to proceed with the topic.
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I'm facepalming so hard right now... but that's not really constructive, so let's see what I can dig up.
Some general advice:
  • Learn basic stuff early (aka now), it makes it easier to learn advanced stuff later. If you can do basic art, programming AND music, you'll have an easier time working in a team when you're a grownup.
  • People are busy, so it's hard to get free help.
  • Luckily, tons of people make tutorials and learning resources, so the only hard part is knowing where to look for those.

Saint11 posts pixelart tutorials regularly, follow him on Twitter and read through all the stuff he's already posted. I remember him making tutorials about snappy movement and hurt animations, those could be good starting points. (I personally find static stuff easier to draw than animated stuff, and you CAN do pretty good characters without animation if you solve it by code, e.g. by making the sprite contract, jiggle and stretch as you move around - if your character is a blob, this should be perfectly viable)

Also, here's a bunch of videos that could be helpful:

Using recycleable pieces to design stuff efficiently in Fallout 4:

How character design communicates their properties:

Using visual cues to give the player a chance to react without trial and error: