Team Request Free GML coder/animator looking to help with your project.


I have been doing coding in GML for about a year now, and I am working on my own project and animating for two other projects. I thought I would lend my hand to anyone that needs help for free!
Some things I need to point out, starting with what I CAN do:
  • I can do plat formers, with the works (moving platforms, slopes, double jump, wall slide and wall jump and all that jazz).
  • I can do top down, but I am not that pro at it yet, hopefully I can gain some experience while working with you!
  • I can do basic lighting.
  • I can do general networking in GML.
  • Animating using Spine software and implementing the animation in GMS.
  • Coding using both GMS 2.0 and GMS 1.4 ( I have the pro version of both).
  • I can do pixel art and animation now!
What I CANT do :
  • Shaders...I can however implement ready made shaders into the project and maybe tweak them a bit.
  • 3D stuff with GML.
  • Anything involving physics.
Here are some general points, since I got some weird requests:
  • Please have a design document, or at least a general plan of what you want. Don`t just come in with a vague idea of a game.
  • If you want to work on a complete project, please have a small initial goal in mind like a demo level. If it works we can continue with the project.
Here are some gifs of a quick demo level I put together (using GMS 2.0). Apart from having the usual platformer stuff, what I did was made a state based system for melee attack which I think is pretty robust. It can be updated to include combos with different timing/button presses to go into the next move(think Devil May Cry style). It also has the slight delay when getting hit or landing an attack, something I am very proud of (think Street Fighter). Another thing I would like to point out is how animations smoothly translate to each other (well, as smooth as the art allowed me anyways :D).

*just a quick note, the export frame is set at 15 to keep the GIF size small.

(The above art is not by me by the way, but I have permission to use it).
Here is the exe for this demo if you want to test:

And finally these are some samples of my animating work:

So, if you want someone to code something for you, or need a helper give me a shout out. I would love to help and learn something at the same time.
Please send a private message, I do not check the forums daily and might miss your post here.

Update: Thanks for everyone for the pms, I am now working with a project for the time being. So until further notice I am not free.
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HI, still looking for something to do?

I'm working on a somewhat simple hide and seek game, for now i just want to make it functional, as far as controls, game mechanics, stage selection, etc, and work on the polishing, better sprites later.

Message me if you're interested.


Answered you both, sorry for the delay. I thought I would get a notification when someone posted on my topic, but I did not!


Hi, if you have some times, i need some help on my aastar pathfinding code.
It is an old file, so i'm kinda lost between node, parent, child, etc.


I updated the original post with a sample of a quick demo I put together. I am having problems exporting the exe, but as soon as I figure it out I will include the demo file as well.


I need you for this:

It's going to be a MMO rpg bong game.

I need help with sprites, animations, and networking.
Right now local networking is running, I need to put it online though..


Here is a quick sample I threw together using animations from spine showing off a deeper combo system:

  • A basic combo, pushing the attack button three times fast:

  • A second combo, accessed by pressing the attack button with a slight delay during the second attack:

  • Finally a simple (but rough looking :D) air attack:
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So bump!
I am available again for anyone who might need help with their project. Please remember to send me a pm and do not post here since I do not check the forums that often. Hope to hear from you soon!


Thanks for everyone for the pms, I am now working with a project for the time being. So until further notice I am not free.
When you become free again I have a project for you,
I’m currently making a 2D Platform Fighting Fan Game and need a GameMaker Programmer.