FREE GameMaker Studio Tool for GMS1 users (Download available)

During my work with tiles in GMS, I soon realized that GMS1 had some missing tools for games designed with tiles. I decided to program, on the side, a GameMaker Studio Tool for tiles. The tool is REALLY simple and provides some very basic addons that GMS could have had if they would not have finished supporting it asside from bug corrections.

This captures some data in your GMS Background Properties Window AND, of course, make the difference between backgrounds and tiles. It will show you the exact same preview as in your GMS window but with a few additions.
  • A clickable preview area
  • Tile left and top positions
  • Animation preview with custom frame and speed
Download link:

Game Maker Studio Toolbox-20170303-164708.png

Just a small note on the installation. The instructions say to regsvr32 a DLL file but in reality, you just need to copy and paste the file "VB6FR.DLL" in SysWOW64 or system32 folder. That's it.

HOW TO USE (2 easy steps)
1 - Open the background properties Window in GMS1 (Do not minimize)
2 - Open GMSTool

ESC : Close the Window Handle tool, stop the Window detection under the cursor, close the software
ARROW KEYS: Navigate in the tile section.

• If more than one background properties are opened, GMSTool will capture the one above all the others, the top most in the ZOrder.
• Even if the Window is not visible, GMSTool will still capture the area as long as it is not minimized.
• If you forgot to open or minimized by mistake and the tool returns no image, you can prepare you self in GMS and click on the "Capture tiles Window" button. No need to close and reopen the program again.

• There is a built-in Window handling function within the GMSTool that may help some people for better ideas or to integrate and share other possibilities for this software. This tool simply shows the handle IDs of the Window under you cursor AND you can also see a list of all child windows and what type of class they are. It's pretty rudimentary but usefull in some cases.

*NOTE: This software is ONLY compatible with V1 of GameMaker Studio. I won't say why it isn't with GMS2 because, I've said already too much...

Give me your impressions of how you like this idea and if you have any suggestions, I'm opened and ready to add more to this tool. If you have any requests or bugs, please let me know, I'll be glad to help. This project is a side software to work with GMS1.
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The basic version 1.0.0 is now ready for you to use. Please do not hesitate to PM me or give your thoughts for ideas, requests or bugs, I'm opened to your comments. I hope you enjoy!