Free Free for Fall - skydiving without a parachute while shooting mecha eskimos and rocket penguins


Caique Assis

Do you have what it takes to take the most radical bath on Earth?

Free for Fall is a fast paced, action arcade game about skydiving without a parachute while shooting mecha eskimos and rocket penguins. Easy to play and hard to master, you'll need quick reflexes to rack up combos and complete each jump safely!

Grab it at and Game Jolt. Links:

  • Upgrade your character through the 16 items available on the shop!
  • Collect 13 achievements to prove you're the best aviator lumberjack around!
  • Score big combos in a fast paced gameplay!
  • Scream in anger after watching the Game Over screen for the [insert a frustrating number here] time!
  • Curse at the developer for making such a difficult game!
  • And much (not really) more!
Free for Fall is a freeware game, 100% free. Download and take it wherever you want!

Music by Qumu Music - Youtube

Sound effects by Matthew Dear - Portfolio

(health insurance not included)


This is a very nice game!!!

What i like:
- The graphics are well put together, well animated, and everything fits well together, also the font and logo
- Music fits the game well, i like the retro music!
- Playability and control is good.
- Menu navigation is intuitive.
- Good sense of speed by proper use of clouds.
- I like the way the screens transitions into one another. E.g. You start of in the plane, you jump/crash out, menu comes in from the left, logo moves out of the screen.

Not sure if all power ups are useful. I bought the heart magnet right after the heart ups, i feel that's the best one to get.
Some of the other powerups dont seem very useful? I'm not sure?!

Maybe you should make an android version? (Not sure if you have the android module)
If you do, the controls do need some thought to properly transfer to touchscreen, but it might be great on tablet and/or phones too!

I think you need a little bit more variation on the enemies and/or variation on the levels?
Maybe some rocks and some other stuff? Just a thought.

Other than that, i had a lot of fun playing it! Pretty addictive :)
Well done!

Caique Assis

Hey! Thanks a lot for this little review. About the Android version, yes, the main problem was going to be transfering the controls and changing the resolution settings I had made the game with - it would require so much work (to do both things properly) that I just decided not to port it to mobile.

Also, yes, the game was going to have a bit of other things like a boss battle, but I had to cut it, because of time constraints. Like they say, if software / game development didn't have a budget and a deadline, we would never finish a product :p

Well, thanks again for the message ;D