Asset - Demo [FREE] All GL assets until further notice!


since about almost 2 years ago my band of merry men disbanded and Gamelancer is no longer active and I myself no longer have time to develop games I've decided to make all my marketplace assets free of charge.

However, I'm not planning to support it, if you truly need help and if I have anytime you can try to contact me at; since I'm not as active on forums anymore either.

Here are all my old GMS1.x assets:

Free to use, but not exclusive to sell. You can rework it into games by reskinning if you want to sell the final reworked products. Make tutorial videos and sell the videos, etc. So you cannot sell it exactly as is as if it is your own work, but you can give it away for free - please credit me. Check each product license if unsure.

Credit me: Morné Booysen aka Boysano

Enjoy! Hope it helps someone.


Hi please take note I have changed all my Gamelancer marketplace assets back to paid again since I'm starting up in the hobby again slowly. (My kids are older :) so I have more time).

My virtual keys marketplace item already sold again for money, so I updated it to GM2 and added some requests. Check it out here:

I would appreciate any support or purchases of my assets, let me know what I can improve on my assets for you. Would appreciate reviews if you already used my assets for free!

Better yet let me know what new "small" assets you'd like to purchase so I can tinker and make them expand my assets collections. Please email me at
My goal is to sell assets to fund new art for my own hobby game projects over time.