FPS using ASCII text characters

I found this video on youtube, where someone made a FPS game using ASCII text characters for the walls and the floors, as the person
is moving around ....

Now the question is , how did they do it ?

Is this something that GMS could do ?

Watch the video :

FPS using ASCII chars test


Joe Ellis

It'll be done by "mapping" certain characters to certain shade values. Then the shader will calculate the shade value and get the character it needs for it. I think for a shader to do it it'd need the characters to be put on a texture and the it'll floor the shade between how many shades there can be then get the uv index\offset on the texture..

The process of the initial mapping could be done by the computer instead of manually by comparing each character and adding up how many pixels they have. Then obviously more pixels = lighter shade. So then it'd create an image that's a grid of all 255 shades, each character being sorted by light\dark ness
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