Forum topic/thread popups


At times the forum popups become really annoying and prevent clicking.

Petition to remove them altogether.

Screen 2021-12-02 161301.png


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
In all my years on the forum I've never seen an issue like this... which suggests it's something with the browser that's at fault here, not the forums. Check what addons you're using and maybe try a different browser? There's certainly nothing wrong with the forum software that would cause this.


Kazan Games
Yeah... I never had a problem with that either. I even like a preview of the topic without having to click on it.


Thanks for the tips guys! Yes, that definitely looks a client-side problem.

So, after some testing, Chrome, Edge and Opera all work fine.

But Firefox, I can't normally move the mouse over the topic titles and not cause 2-4 popups to appear one over the other. Not always, but usually.
(And I almost exclusively use Firefox. I'll try disabling addons and so forth, see what happens...)