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Samuel Venable

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I think I've heard @YellowAfterlife say that he has contributed code to GameMaker Studio before, (correct me if I'm wrong Yellow), and I've done this before about 3 times already. Well, actually only one of the code snippets I contributed was officially accepted so far, which is borderless window support for Linux, and it is on their low priority list. The other two things I gave them code for, I'm still waiting to hear back on whether they will officially add it to the engine, but one of them they did tell me they were already having internal discussion about it and were considering it.

Anyway, at some point, if all 3 of my code contributions get added to GameMaker Studio, eventually I contribute a lot more than just those 3 minor things, I don't want credit for it listed in GameMaker Studio's credits, but I would like my forum member type changed from a 'normal member' to 'Contributor' depending on whether YoYoGames thinks I deserve that kind of member type at some point down the line. Other members could benefit from this kind of thing as well, such as if my memory was right about YellowAfterlife, he certainly deserves some kind of member type, whether called "Contributor", "Code Master", or whatever YoYoGames wants to call this type of member is up to them if they like this idea.

Then, people could ask, "Hey, I see you are a Contributor! What does that mean? How are you that member type?" Then I or whoever else with that member type could explain they contributed code to GameMaker Studio, and that's how they got the member type on their profile. This would encourage more users to do the same, and could really help GMStudio grow as a software, and less people would potentially be making extensions, and instead, would be adding to the official engine.

I didn't personally ask to be payed or credited, but that doesn't mean you have to do the same.

What does everyone think about this? It's not really a huge thing to do, and isn't going to change things that much, but I still think it is a cool idea.

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Some random thoughts about this:
  • We've always had a bit of a history with elitists vs non-elitists, so this could pour some gasoline on that old fire.
  • Do we want to promote people submitting code to YYG? Or is it better if only those truly interested seeks out how to do it, to add some Illuminati-style quality control?
  • We used to have a Reviewer member class at one point, and whatever system that was part of ended up failing and was removed eventually (I think it was because low member engagement)
  • Having non-official people appear official to casual observers could lead to problems, there's been a few incidents like that before (there's a reason we're not allowed to make GMC april fools' jokes anymore...).
  • People that gets the Contributor position could get swamped with PMs from people that want answers on their programming basics questions NOW, and end up resigning to get away from the attention (people actually PM me with random programming questions because I've got a colorful label on an alarming basis instead of making topics)
  • People could try to game the system with useless suggestions just to get that badge of honor classification, swamping YYG's reviewers with lots of extra work and actually slowing down the GM development speed as a result.


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If GameMaker: Studio was an open source project, I'd deem this suggestion to have merit. It is, however, closed source, so contribution of code from external sources is not an inherent part of the plan - it's the exception, not the rule. Adding specific recognition for it (on a technically separate community to boot) seems rather counter-intuitive to me.

If this was added, I'm certain there would be someone asking for a Bug Reporter rank to be added as well, or for bug reporters to get the Contributor rank - after all, you're helping YoYo Games for free, the bugs are even publicly tracked in the database and you're technically "credited" for finding the bug in that case, too.

The idea itself sounds like a nice addition for many communities... but I doubt that this applies for the GMC. Too much time and effort of assigning and maintaining ranks, checking contributions, etc. that could have been spent on developing the software further, as the developers have to be involved in this for it to work. There is also a plethora of potential follow-up issues as outlined by Yal above.

I'd personally prefer something similar to the moderator wage system, paid for every flagged spambot or locked topic (in this suggestion's case, contribution), in feckin' strawberry milkshakes - now that's a sweet reward.


I contributed a two liner a few years back. It is now one of the most commonly used functions used by hardcore extension enthusiasts.

Still just seems like a title that would be used to boost self ego's.

Samuel Venable

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Yeah this was just a suggestion. Since it isn't being well received. I see no point in me insisting the discussion go any further, since I'm the only one who seemed to think it was a good idea initially, but apart from that. For the reasons given, I don't think it's such a good idea after all. At first I just thought of it as harmless, but you're right, I'd rather not be messaged with support questions or even just general code for things I may not be qualified to answer or a situation where a topic should be made, not a PM. The only reason why I thought of this was because a lot of communities have this - some for even closed source projects - not necessarily game creation software but some are. I never really thought of it as a "self-ego booster". That's not what this was about. Someone can lock this.
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