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So after using the new forum for a little while today I have noticed some things that I thought were rather annoying.

1. The new posts box doesn't show the entire title of the post.

Here is what it looks like right before posting this topic. As you can see most of the titles are cut off making it very hard to tell what the topic is about. Say If I wanted to help Zekka or Yal with their problem I would actually need to go to the topic before I could know if I could even help them. Just something rather annoying.

2. Why does the "Members Online Now" box need to be at the top? For me at least, and probably a lot of other people, that box does absolutely nothing. Yes it's cool to see what super cool GMC people are on but it's not an essential feature like the New Posts or New Profile Posts boxes are.

3. Can the thread filter options be moved to the top of the page? Since the new forum is now using tags and prefixes to sort things I think it would be a whole lot more convenient to have the options at the top of the page. Right now it's not a problem since non of the thread pages are full yet. In the future it's going to be really annoying having to scroll a mile just to filter out all of the topics asking how to make a 3D Open world MMORPG for someones first game.

So those are the 3 main suggestions I have as of now. What do you guys think?


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We have a topic dedicated to forum issues, so I'm going to close this and would request that any further things you find/want should be posted there. That said, I do agree with most of the points you bring up (and some of them have already been covered in the pinned topic) and I'll look into it to see what I can do.
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