OFFICIAL Forum Down Time For Maintenance

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Hi all! On Monday next week (3/8/20) we'll be updating the forum software to Xenforo 2.1.10 as well as performing some routine maintenance.

This means we'll have at least a couple of hours of downtime that day... we hope it'll only be a very short downtime, but there is always the potential for unforeseen issues to crop up. We'll be starting at roughly 8am (GMT) and hope to have everything back up and running by 12.00 (GMT), although it may take more or less time depending on how smooth things go.

We hope you understand and don't miss us too much! :)
Oh no, .... this sounds like conspiracy to make people read books again! .... lots of pages! ... too many books to read! .... wait, I can still use youtube.. Im saved !!!!


Good luck with those forum changes.

... & perhaps sometime the frequently helpful, beneficial forumers (not my kind ;)) can be in some way distinguished & rewarded, eg: ACE program
Not open for further replies.