Hello everyone. I am Jeremy and I started Cavender Games for the sole purpose of making games that were fun and immersive. Everyone has a start and here is mine. My new and first game is called Fortress!

Fortress is a simple yet fun and addictive little mini game that puts you against a invading goblin army that is determined to infiltrate the castle you live at. So using your quick hunter skills you defend the fortress or die trying! Since there is no Instructions yet in the game, I will explain the simple concepts but once you start playing you should get the just of it.

You are the castle hunter who usually takes care of basic hunting for the castle staff and visitors food. You are the only one who is willing to protect the castle though against the coming goblin army!

So basically the movement is right and left keys and space to shoot and that is it. You can shoot sideways by shooting while running in either direction (Easy Peasy) and there is a power up potion that spawns every so often that defeats all enemies on screen. It is pretty basic as far as survival goes but I wanted to start out making something a bit small and growing my games up by release. There is still stuff to do. Besides all the feedback on here I have to add some goblin dying sounds, add information for the other main menu pages and find out how to save localized high scores. I hope you guys like the game and hope to tell me constructive feedback. I won't even say to take it easy on me because this is my first game. Better start off making good professional habits when I see them!

P.S. All art and music was made by me, used a few templates for character design but for the most part, everything in this game is mine and that is something I am proud to provide!

Here is the link to download. Please if there is any major problems with downloading the game or having it work on your computer let me know and I will see what I can do. I just hope this all goes through smoothly.

Download Link:

(Update: I have had some express dislike in my choice of using mediafire so I made my game available on
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Thank you for the feedback! I have been gathering quite a bit of feedback and I am working to improve the game for full release! I agree with a lot of what you said but I see everything that is wrong with it can be fixed with a few tweaks and I am planning to go back to the drawing board myself and re-create the artwork, (I haven't been to happy with it myself, I know I can do better). But this is a work in progress and I have been focused on this game for the past month and I hope it only gets better the more care I put into it.


This game, in my honest opinion, requires much more than just a graphical upgrade or some tweaks. There are some major issues, not just with what's there (ElectricDonkey touched on those, so I won't restate them) but with what is lacking. The game is very minimal, with one enemy type (the only thing that really changes is the place where they spawn) and no scaling difficulty. This makes it so the game loses its interest very, very quickly, and doesn't leave much reason for the player to continue after a few minutes. This game would benefit immensely from waves, scaling difficulty, and more enemy types; perhaps a goblin which shoots at the player, or an armored one which takes multiple shots to kill.

On the subject of releasing the game as a priced product, I think you should consider this carefully. Some people (or just me, i dunno) fiddle in game design for years before releasing so much as a demo. In my opinion, you should slow down, and allow yourself some time to practice and improve. The door's not gonna close on you; you just have to be wearing the right shoes when you stick your foot in.

(that's a terrible metaphor but you get the idea)

Anyways, here's a few great videos/articles I think could help: