Demo Forsaken Souls, Turn Based RPG


So, I've been developing this on my own for a few months and wanted to get some more open feedback on what I've got, now that I have the first part of the story finished. Music's still placeholder but everything else is reasonably complete so far.

Forsaken Souls is intended to be a Snes-era inspired turn based RPG, with all attacks being able to be avoided or mitigated in some way, through either quicktime action, reading tells and blocking a turn in advance, or using elemental interactions to your advantage.
The story is set to get quite dark at times despite the more cheerful nature of some characters, and the environments have a touch of surrealism to them.

Story synopsis: A lost soul awakens in a grand temple, with seemingly no memory of how it got there. It sets out to explore, and finds some colourful individuals along the way.

Demo Contains:
Complete first zone and chapter of the story. Goes for about an hour, give or take.
3 Boss fights
Full tutorial (Which I hope is minimalist enough to not be overbearing.)
Working inventory and player equipment.
Skippable cutscenes!


Demo link here:

(Hi mod who has to verify this post.)


Wow this looks amazing!!! The graphics remind me of a mix of Chrono trigger and brain Lord on SNES.