Forest Dweller


With my last main project Raum Drive finished, it's time for a new project!
Forest Dweller is about living in the wilderness, surviving against the elements.
Collect resources to build a shelter, make fire, find food, and so on.


Currently you can only walk around the randomly generated forest.
I'm working on energy, hunger, cold, thirst variables now.
Demo coming soon.
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I also like the art style!

The grass looks a little empty though, perhaps it needs some more detail like light shining through, darker patches or clumps of tall grass / weeds / bushes. Maybe a rock or fallen branch too. The forest floor is never empty!


Thank you for the feedback. Maybe I should add loads of stuff so the player has to search more.
The forest will be more dense as the game grows with more different objects. I should probably generate more ferns because they usually grow in larger groups.