Portfolio - Audio [FOR HIRE] Electronic Musician for Videogame OST


Hi everybody! My name is Andrea and I make electronic music.

I can provide you custom-taylored tracks for your videogame.
In the years I focused on producing electronic music but I may be able to help with other genres too!
Keywords for my music: atmosphere - energy - melody - melancholy

Here are some examples to give you a feel of my music:

Chill Noir City

Menu Background

Futuristic Racing Game

Romantic Cutscene

Space Simulator

Chiptune 8-Bit Battle Music

Battle Theme

You can find the rest of my portfolio with some of the tracks I composed on Instagram

Contact me for info and fees:
here on this post or send a PM
send me a DM on instagram @RAZZULLIX
shoot me a mail at andreabarbatomusic@gmail.com
on discord you can find me as RAZZULLIX#2793

Have a nice one!
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