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  1. Michael Bateman

    Michael Bateman Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Last Version Update: 06/07/17 NOTE: If you have any issues after a build update, clean your browser cache. 'Continued' games will be corrupted by new builds as I add new features!

    This game is a work in progress and in its early stages. I thought people interested in this type of game might want to critique it through the build process and help shape the game. If that excites you, have a look at the current build here. I plan to release build updates to play on web browser for people to test, before crunching down and releasing on mobile platforms. If people like the game and I get some sales, I will do an "ultimate" version for Windows/Mac.

    Football Club Empire aims to combine ‘football manager’ with a ‘text adventure’. Start a football club from scratch and build the greatest team to ever exist! But unlike conventional football management games, this one takes a different approach. The idea is that you create your own story. The essence of the game is rooted in the conversations that you have and what decisions you make. Every decision you make has an impact on something. But what conversations you choose to have are limited by the amount of time you have.

    So, for example, are you going to spend your precious time talking to an individual player before a match, asking your scout to tap up a potential new signing, talk to the media, start construction on a new youth facility upgrade, increase the price of merchandise? You have to make these choices and you are limited in how many choices you can make each week.

    In Football Club Empire you are the owner of the club, so you employ players, manager’s, coaches, etc. and although you choose who the Manager is and what his tactical/coaching methods are, you have no control over matches. You have to watch like every other Chairman. Your responsibility is in building up your club’s facilities, choosing the price of merchandise, how much to spend on entertainment, how much salt to put on the chips… All these things affect how your club performs, grows, and how happy the fans are with you as a Chairman. Keeping fans, players and staff happy are integral to pushing the club forward!

    You can play the latest version of the game now – in browser – on any device. Just click here. I thought it’d be great to make the game available at every stage of development, so that if the community are interested, they can comment on what they think, make suggestions for improvements, and help make the game as great as possible. Of course, the game isn’t much yet, but you can have a poke around and see what you think. I could have waited until it was a proper demo, but I’m an indiedev making the game in my spare time – I can do what I want! And I thought this way might be a bit different and fun!

    If you do decide to have a look, just remember the game may be buggy and certain features won’t work at all for ages. If you don’t want to look at the game in such an early state, that’s fine, keep checking back or follow me on my Twitter for progress updates.

    If you play now you can see:

    1 - Introduction to the conversation engine; making your first few decisions and starting up your club.
    2 - Look at fixture lists, league tables, view squads and player information. Eventually player stats will be placed into ranges and the accuracy determined by your scouting. But as I’m testing, they’re all listed. Actually, that’s a lie, the ‘player potential’ stats are still currently hidden.
    3 - Start your own club and choose its colours and location.
    4 - You can play (basic engine) matches! The match engine still quite bare bones, but you can see how it runs and see the match stats.

    1 - The Interact buttons do nothing yet. Eventually they’ll be how you have conversations. The other buttons that have no function are Settings, Staff, Infrastructure, and Club Information.
    2 - If you play through a whole season (I’m impressed!), nothing happens; you’ll be stuck in an abyss.
    3 - Players do not develop.
    4 - You can't view Manager info yet.

    1 - The tactics (which aren’t currently visible to the player) for each team aren’t weighted properly. Attacking teams are much stronger than defensive teams.
    2 - There's no control mechanism in place for excess injuries/suspensions. If run out of players in position it will hang the game. Need to build in reserve player call up to cover.

    This may change, but the plan is to work on the following next:

    1 - Player development: stat changes based on performances.
    2 - View Manager info and hire your first Manager.
    3 - Start populating finance and club information.
    4 - Start building conversations for hiring/firing/talking to players, etc.
    5 - Keep building match engine backbone.

    If you’ve read all of this: Congratulations! You’re my number one fan!! If you would like to help out, please let me know any feedback, questions, comments, bugs, etc. Hopefully I can find an audience for this game somewhere and work on it with community feedback!

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  2. rIKmAN

    rIKmAN Member

    Sep 6, 2016
    Good work dude, looks like it's coming along pretty nicely!

    Only bit of feedback I can give right now is that if you are planning to release this commercially, you should change the team names just to be safe as they are require a licence the same as player names do and it could come back to bite you in the ass.

    It's the same reason that PES has Merseyside Blue, London FC and Man Blue etc, and lets you edit the team names.

    Keep up the good work.
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  3. Michael Bateman

    Michael Bateman Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Thanks! Yeah I'm happy with how it's developing, still lots to do but I'm enjoying working on it.

    I did think hard about having fake club names as well. But I've seen similar commercial games that have used club names like mine and appear to be OK. I've tried to either choose actual town/city names (surely they can't Trademark those?!) or names that use common words. I steered clear of using FC, or obvious nicknames such as Spurs; as I'm sure they'll cause issues. I also do not use any club badges, actual league names, etc. So basically I'm hoping I'm treading close but not over the line.

    First things first I need to make a game people will actually play :)
  4. Michael Bateman

    Michael Bateman Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Update! The last ten days of work has been added and the following now exists:

    1 – Now create your own club, name it and choose your colours. Start in South Division but soon you'll be able to choose your location and then start North or South.

    2 – Greyed out continue button during matches as can’t be used until full time.

    3 – Fixed bug that wrongly stated players were suspended when they were injured.

    4 – Realised I wasn’t displaying personality, so added that to player information. Doesn't have affect yet though.

    5 – Limited players to max of 3 specialisms, to stop it being ridiculous.

    6 – Given player’s a salary.

    7 – Display manager name and formation on team page (not clickable for more info yet – this is coming).

    8 - Added some more club colours, still lots to go though...

    Any feedback or bugs please let me know! Thanks :)
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  5. Michael Bateman

    Michael Bateman Member

    Jun 25, 2016
    Update now online for anyone to peruse on any device! These past couple of weeks I have been working on the following:
    1 - Every decision that you make now has an affect on something.
    2 - "New Game" conversation now lets you choose where to build your club (which determines which league you start in), how large your stadium and youth facilities will be. You also get to send your first press release and find out who your rival clubs will be.
    3 - Linked to 2, each club is now based in a region, and has their own colours. Tactics and formation are randomised for each CPU club.
    4 - Personality and specialisms of players now have an affect during matches.
    5 - Some serious under-the-hood optimisation of match engine code to improve efficiency and readability.
    6 - Main menu now displays key information; player stats, next fixture, league position, calendar point.
    7 - Some minor UI changes.
    8 - League and fixtures now show the player's league first, rather than Premier Division.

    As always, any feedback or bugs please let me know! For regular screenshots/updates follow on Twitter @IndieDevBateman. Thanks :)

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