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Question - IDE Font variations not working?


I found that in the font editor when choosing a font, none of that font's variations show any changes when selected (neither in the font editor nor in game). For example if you are on Windows you should have the Bahnschrift font. However, when you select any of its variations in the font editor (Bahnschrift Light, Bahnschrift Condensed, etc.) the appearance of the font does not change as expected. I could not find anything online pertaining to this, not sure what is wrong. Thanks!


I've opened one of my random projects to check this, and what's fun... I've got that exactly same font set there, and I'm getting same issue.

This is what Windows Fonts shows:

And this is what GMS2 shows:


Might be a bug then, and it's worth to report directly to YYG using helpdesk.