Released Floria Virtual Garden

The game is slightly off the beaten path, it is more of an experience that revolves around all things flowers, such as growing flowers from seeds, planting gardens, and most importantly, ikebana.
Player are presented with an opportunity to make their own bouquet arrangements with over 700 different floral elements that could be found throughout the world of Floria. Players can create their own greeting cards and instantly share them with loved ones.
The game is designed to be a little bit like a puzzle, adding an element of surprise when new places or items are discovered. It is meant to be a relaxing game, a place where someone could unwind, forget worries and find a little inner peace.


Download on Google Play Store

This is my very first app ever and I am very thankful to have found Game Maker Studio. I didn't know anything about coding before and GMS made it possible for me to fulfill my lifelong dream! Thank you GMS!
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@RefresherTowel The iOS version is on a back-burner, unfortunately, i still don't know what is involved with getting it on App store; with Xcode, my impression it is very hard. Decided to improve Android version first and then attempt to climb mountain Apple.