Android Flip Flop: A Word Game (Free, no IAP!)




In Flip Flop, the goal is to create new words by changing one letter of the previous word. Go from FLIP, to FLOP, to SLOP, to SLAP!​

Enjoy two different game modes and a practice mode!

Word Rush: Spell the target word before time runs out! If you can do that, you earn a point, the timer resets, and a new word is chosen as the target. Keep it up and try to get your name on the Global Leaderboards!

Word Chain: Form as many words in rapid succession as possible! Every new word you form earns you a point. Think fast, act faster! Scores tracked on Global Leaderboards.

FreeForm: Practice mode where you can hone your skills.

Flip Flop is fun for all ages and skill levels.

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