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Android FlickMeUp an Infinite Scrolling PHYSICS Platformer



Hello good people of the community, today/tonight (time zones OP) I present you my first game after 6 months of GML. Any feedback, criticism and opinion is welcome and needed since I want to deliver better games and updates.

I've done everything on this game except the audio part (never worked with audio in my life so I had to take some royalty free sounds which are properly credited) so AMA about it.

So, what's it about? Well it's fairly simple, you have to flick on the screen to jump then tilt the phone to make sure you'll lan on the right platforms. The game has a bunch of randomness and surprises inside that will make the experience unique for each player.
(The game has only a banner ad on the bottom for the sake of know how it works, if it bothers you please DO send me a PM and I'll give you an ad free apk, do this only if you're willing to play the game and give me constructive feedback)

Give it a shot and let me know what you think

Here are some screenshots(sorry if my formatting is not on point)

screen 1.png screen 2.png scrren 4.png screen 3.png