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Introducing Fixtor: An easy-to-use, reliable, full-featured physics fixture editor, for GameMaker: Studio 1 ~ 2.3+.

As a fixture editor, Fixtor aims to overcome the fixture limitation of Box2D physics.
You can now have as many concaved polygons as you want, as well breaking through the 8-point limits.
You can even add more than one circle within a fixture!

Not just that, Fixtor aims to best the built-in fixture editor, by bringing you these powerful functions:

Main Features

A simplified workflow, but with powerful tools to speed-up your creating efficiency:
  • Anchor-point-based transformation, includes moving, rotating and scaling your selected nodes.
  • Fast & clear node group management, lets you work with infinite sub-polygons with ease.
  • Mirror flip all the selected nodes horizontally / vertically with one key.
  • Snap nodes to a customizable grid, or lock their moving axis to one.
  • A rotatable symmetry ruler, to help you build symmetric shapes twice as fast.
  • Essential editing functions, such as copy, paste, undo and redo.
  • Load an image file for tracing reference.
  • See how your polygon will behave before you put it into your project, by starting a physics simulation.
  • Save / Load your Fixtor projects.
Can generate a fixture script, easy to setup; it contains the fixture you've made, along with some other functions:
  • Lets you mirror flip the fixture at runtime, so you don't have to make an additional flipped fixture for your sprites anymore.
  • You can pass the coordinate offsets to the script, to modify the fixture origin point at runtime.
  • Change the current fixture to another; All you have to do is calling the fixture script you want.
More functions are on the way...

This asset will only work with Box2D (The built-in physics engine for GMS 1 and above)
All the functions can work with every GameMaker: Studio iterations (GMS 1, GMS 2.2 and GMS 2.3+)

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