SOLVED [Fixed] How do I find the precise number for when I set my track's position in GameMaker 1.4?

Acid Reflvx

I am making a game with a level editor, sort of like Geometry Dash. I've been trying to add a Geometry Dash feature to the game; being able to play music at certain points instead of having to play music and wait until it gets to the part you want to test.

Here is my problem: I don't know what number I should be using to create a precise music tester for an entire level.

Geometry Dash was able to create a 12 minute and 56 second long level editor, and I expect they stopped there because they needed an even more precise music tester for a longer level.

Here are the things I am working with:

- The game is 30 frames per second
- My Music tester moves at 300 pixels per second, exact speed is 5
- I am dividing the X position of a line you can move left and right around the editor by 140 and am setting the final answer as the time the track position should be set (Since each square is 32 pixels wide, I have to divide it by a very large number, and that is what I am stuck on: What is the precise number?)
- When I move the line that we take the X position out of to set the track's time to start, it moves 32 pixels horizontally (If I should change the amount of pixels it moves, it wouldn't interfere with any of my other code and am happy to change it)

Thank you. Right now, when dividing the X position by 140, I can get around 10 squares to be precise. If I find the number before you reply to this, I will let you know below.