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Question - IDE FIXED Can't open the instance properties window



In the room editor, aren't you able to double click an instance to open the instance properties? When I double click, nothing happens. I can scale, move, and lock the instance I'm trying to edit the properties of, but since I can't open the window, I can't write creation code. I also can't "paint" with an instance. I select an object, hold alt, and nothing happens. I click and drag while holding alt and nothing happens. I'd like to know if anyone else has the same issue or if anyone has an idea on how to fix it. I've already tried reinstalling and that didn't help. Thank you for your help!


I haven't had this issue in the room editor (I don't use it) but I've had a similar bug generally where I couldn't open an object's properties except by dragging it into the workspace. I've dealt with it by closing all open windows.