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Windows FireSide Platformer death counter high score

I'm currently using score as a death counter and am wondering how to make fewer deaths appear first on the high score displayed at the end. The screenshot shows the high score table which currently posts a higher death count first and need help changing the values/order in which high score/death counter is shown.



Hey @Inglourian! This part of the forum is to showcase your projects, not to ask questions! The Programming forum is for that. And, I recommend that you give more information, such as your code, so that people can help easier.
Update: I'm actually using game maker built in functions for score keeping, no code. Here are the screenshots of the GML functions I'm using for a death counter. The Left side of the image is for the collision with Fire (the same D&D functions are used with Outside room & Arrows). The Right side is for the Collision with the final door of the game & the D&D functions to show high score.


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