Fire Realm - Arcade Game

Red Phantom


What Is This Game
Fire Realm is an arcade game with gameplay reminiscent of space invaders.
You are an agent sent to the fire realm to eradicate all fire creatures.

Please give feedback, all feedback appreciated.



Played it. Pretty cool. Finished a few stages.

IMO, it became a little repetitive. If I were you, I'd add fiery enemies on the ground so that way I'd need to juggle my attention between enemies in the air and the ground. That might add a new dimension to the gameplay.
The basic structure is there. I guess now you can just keep adding new elements to create variation.

Maybe when he's ready to rapid fire, his sprite changes to a different shade. That way, I can use the rapid fire feature without breaking my concentration.

Red Phantom

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it.

Yes, others have also said it's repetitive.

I was actually thinking of adding some kind of enemies on the ground as well, to make the gameplay a little less 1 dimensional.

I will also take your final piece of advice and add that to my game.

Red Phantom

Devlog 1 - Fire Realm

All I know so far is that my game is going to be in some kind of "fire realm" or "dimension.

Rule ideas for game concept
1. Don't jump backwards.
2. Collect all the coins.
3. Defeat all the fire enemies.
Created sprites:
- Coin
- Fire creature
- Red background
- Platform

Three Simple Rules for game changed to:
1. Defeat all the fire creatures
2. Do not shoot the electric creatures
3. Do not enter the lava

Removed from game:
- Coins

Found and added music

Programmed rooms:
- Room 1

Created sprites:
- Water bot (for main player) with animations

- Water sphere
- New fire creature - fire creature 1

Removed from game:
- Old fire creature

Created Sprites:
- Lava
- Spirits
- Menu
- Fire Creature 2
- Fire Creature 3
- Fire Portal

Programmed rooms:
- Menu
- Room 1 (re-programmed)
- Room 2
Created Sprites:
- Fire Boss
- Fire Creature 4

Programmed Rooms:
- Room 3
- First stage complete room with simple text
- Room 4
- Room 5
- Room 6

Game is complete and a stable demo is out!
I'm not sure if I am going to change anything from here or update it further, but hopefully I motivate myself to do so.

Added electrocution death via two means (getting hit by electric orbs and shooting electric creatures).
Changed final rule "avoid the lava" to "do not get hit by the electric orbs".

Created Sprites
- Fire Boss 2
- Electric Creature 1
- Electric Creature 2
- Electric Creature 3
- Electric Sphere
Programmed Rooms:
- Restart game room
- Room 7
- Room 8
- Room 9 (final room)
- Rooms 1-6 (re-programmed: added electric creatures)
- Room with simple 'game complete' text

Good news! I managed to work up the courage to do a bit more work on the game.
- Health-bars added to enemies.
- Fire creatures now shoot fire orbs.

Thanks to some amazing feedback from Yal and Zuurix, I've now got my work cut-out for me with a large list of things to do to improve the game (e.g. prologue). If I get a single 1 thing done before the jam ends I will be happy.
I made a lot of major changed/additions this time around.
- Re-designed levels 1-6
- Removed 3 rooms
- New invincibility mechanic for player
- New movements and shooting mechanics for enemies
- New prologue

- Red Phantom appearance at end of game
- New skull decorations
- New death animations for fire creature
- Rephrased 3rd rule "don't get hit by orbs shot by other creatures"
- Added "special thanks to" at end of game

Devlog 2 - Fire Realm
I made a lot of significant changes this time around and also learnt that "polishing your game" is more important than adding more content to your game. Kind of like quality > quantity.
1. Rapid Fire Mechanic Added
2. New graphics for Fire Bosses 1 and 2
3. Shoot control changed from (space) to (Z)
4. Full screen enabled
5. Health of fire creatures 3 and 4 reduced from 10 to 5.
6. You can now press down to skip the prologue
7. Enemies flash when hit
8. Different sound effect when shooting
9. Bigger boulders added
10. Enemies now animated when shooting
11. Trail effect for water sphere shot added
12. Player now has 3 health points instead of 1
13. New graphics for the player character
14. New graphics for the final fire boss
15. Added more graphics in the prologue
1. New sound effect when power up is ready
2. Demon statue added in some rooms
3. New checkpoint added (final room)
4. Player flashes white when hit
5. Speed of electric creature 3 turned down from 3 to 2
6. Dash speed of electric creature 3 turned down from 8 to 5
7. Both fire bosses now shoot
8. Changed black text to white - black text was too hard to read - change to white (except in prologue)
9. Fire creature 4 now shoots differently
10. Lengthy prologue text now stays on screen longer
11. More people mentioned in credits
12. Difficulty adjusted
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