Find the Treasure : Our very first Steam game

Hi guys!

I'm here today to ask you a little bit of help if possible! (and some hint and opinion)

We have released (me and one friend) a game on Steam, its our first indie/adventure game on that platform and we need a little bit of help to get visibility!

Read the small description under here and, if you think you gonna like it, visit our steam page and hit "add to wishlist" button, no matter if you do not buy it once it will be out, this will help us climb the pages in the store! Also we are gonna send a free copy of the game to 50 users that have wishlisted our game!

Our game have also original soundtrack composed by us, original story and gameplay, every single thing (except the tileset) was made by our hands!


Step into the shoes of a famous archaeologist and his eccentric friend on an adventure that will take them to the ends of the world.

After finding an ancient diary of Cristoforo Colombo, Lexton and Benedict will discover an old map that will lead them to a forgotten and mysterious island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

A treasure hidden for centuries will bring them to face many dangers and pitfalls to shed light on one of the greatest mysteries and deceptions of history.


  • Compelling story full of twists
  • Original and varied gameplay without fights
  • Nice graphic and multiple locations to explore
  • Immersive and original soundtrack
  • Puzzles, mazes and action-style minigames
  • A lot of contents that will entertain you for some hours


Find the Treasure : Available the 18th of October on Steam


Thanks a lot to anyone who will give us feedback or buy our game!

We love ya!


Thanks a lot @Carcophan !
We put a lot of effords in that game and we hope people who will play it will also like it! :)
I am sure MANY of us here, especially myself, can relate to your tireless efforts. I am just glad to see someone who was able to transform a concept into a tangible product. A goal I share. You provide motivation!
Well all we can say is that if you have a project that you love, just follow it, it does not matter how many problems you will find or how many time you will invest, for as long as you enjoy it keep going, its always a win, even if no one will buy it or if you will not be noticed, you still have something personal, that you have created and you should be proud of it.
We have made 3 apps on the store with GMS 2 and all of them have few houndreds of download only but who cares, we love doing this and we will always do it. :)


Uhhh, are those RPG Maker MV assets? Are games made with other engines allowed on the forums? And if it was made with GameMaker, i'm pretty sure your not allowed to use the assets in other engines... could be wrong though