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Windows File Corrupted

After updating my account today, it said my project got corrupted. I can't open the game and everything is unorganized (not in folders). What do I do?
Specifically: [Could not find any rooms in the project - could be caused by file corruption (check for errors on project load)]
(Note; when I checked the output tab, it only said the same error.)
(EDIT: I'm not able to recover the old file anymore, however I imported its resources into another project. I no longer need help.)
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Samuel Venable

Time Killer
Instead of ranting again about why GM shouldn't be corrupting people's projects as often as it does, I'm going to go with the flow like everyone else and say that you should've backed up your project, preferably through source control. I'm sorry this happened.

I know of a different community who is studying the YYP format for unrelated reasons, and may be able to recover it, whether in whole or in part, but the only person who is capable of doing it over there, is too busy to be bothered with requests like these and he'd probably be bombarded with dozens of requests a week if people knew about his area of expertise and contact info. To be technical, YoYo could help corrupted projects as well, they just cba for similar reasons.