Android Figure Match

Hello! I have developed a game in a few days, this game was made for learning purposes, but I have decided to update it, and see how far I can go in development with it.

How you play it:
-Tap the screen when the moving figure gets close to it's match
-Delta range decreases, over time you need to be more precise
-If you have failed, you have 2 more chances. To use them you need to watch an ad
-Get a higher score, and enjoy

Features will come in future to keep the game fresh:
-More figures, and customizable images
-More game-modes(the code is a spagheta, I do not know how I will implement them, but I will)
-Party derp, there will be a chance 1 in 1000 to get a derp face as the figure, and epilepsy background with a party music in background

All of these features have download milestones, I have decided
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Moving this back to WIP, since the author has decided to develop it further.